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Sima Lepestkova's Voyage, (short film) 2016

Screenwright, director, director of photography, color correction: Ivan Bessedin
Sound engineer: Igor Zenin
Sound producer: Mihail Ahtayev
Stage manager: Natalia Boyko
Assistent: Timur Kamalov
Music: Shaman Yet Booben, Ivan Bessedin
Cast: Alexey Kaschin, Veronika Nassalskaya, Anastassia Klee, Olga Korzheva, Galina Pyanova, Yelena Vovnova and others.
Duration: 39 minutes 13 sec
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There comes a day in a person’s life when he objectively & truthfully sees the true picture of himself. This is a dreadful moment in life. This happens to Igor, one of the characters in Sima Lepestkova’s Voyage short film. We participate in Igor's merciless trial of himself and his sentence in the format of the absurd.

"The Fool" (short film), 2013

Screenwright, director, director of photography Ivan Bessedin
Artist, Aigerim Bekmukhambetova
Sound engineer, Sergey Cherezov
Video processing, Dmitry Karabetsky, Ivan Bessedin
Animation, Nadezhda Besedina
Directors' assistant, Artyom Pylnov
Manager, Natalya Boyko
Cast: Veronika Nassalskaya, Daniil Moskalyov, Valeria Krymskaya, Oksana Boychenko, Konstantin Druzhinin, Victor Ashanin, Konstantin Nagaev, Cyril Nvezz, Zhandos Tursunbaev, Erkin Tashev, Angela Bialous, Sultan Myrzabaev
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The theme of the film is the fate of a lonely young woman. The difficulties she is experiencing, left alone with the child.

"The Tie" (short film), 2011

Director, scriptwriter and director of photography: Ivan Bessedin
Starring: Kurban Dodarkhodjayev
Music: "Shaman Yet Booben":
Ivan Bessedin, Rodion Kaminsky, Artem Skliar
Sound producer: Sergey Cherezov
Animation: Nadejda Bessedina
Video post production: Dmitry Karabetskyi

"Above You" (short film), 2017

Screenwright, director, director of photography, color correction: Ivan Bessedin
Sound engineer: Igor Zenin
Stage manager: Natalia Boyko
Cast: Tatyana Tarskaya, Sabila Esbolova, Pavel Yesyrev, Artyom Sklyar, Rodion Kaminsky, Evgeny Bychkov and Dasha the cat.
Duration: 10 minutes 40 sec

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The plot of the film “Above You” is a socially unprotected growing old alone. The author is concerned about the fate of ordinary people in Kazakhstan. You cannot manage on pension here. This means that many old people are quietly starving. Recently, after another devaluation, a shock jump in prices followed. In the film, the author draws an analogy of today's Kazakhstan with the times of the Great Depression in the United States. Alma-Ata, 2014.

"Sisiphus" (Shaman Yet Booben band lyric video), 2014

Filmed & diected by Ivan Bessedin
Sisiphus Stas Gridyaev
Animator Nadejda Bessedina
Music Shaman Yet Booben
Ivan Bessedin - guitar, Artem Skliar - bass, Rodion Kaminsky - drums, Anton Shamrilo - duduk

"Who am I?" (Shaman Yet Booben band lyric video), 2011

Filmed & directed by Ivan Bessedin
Music Shaman Yet Booben